Parshat Nitzavim/Vayelech

In the final run up to Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the 10 day period that determines our fate for the coming year, Jews around the world are taking stock of their spiritual growth over the last year. And the truth is, we all have our weak areas, habits we’d like to kick, practices we’d like to adopt. We want to change. We want to take that big leap.

What’s stopping us?

There are a few possible reasons. This Parshah addresses one of the biggest factors: the fear of failure. The worry that we might mess up again at some point.

Moshe Rabbeinu has now begun his final speech to the Jewish people. ” לא אוכל עוד לצאת ולבא – I am unable to come and go” he says (דברים ל״א: ב׳/Deuteronomy 31:2)

The Grand Rabbi of Izhbitz OBM gives a very deep explanation. Moshe was telling us: I am now stuck in one place. I cannot go up. But neither can I go down. As long as Moshe was still growing, he could have fallen at any moment. And he did.  Once that risk had gone for good, he knew that he had reached his goal in life.  Falling is a part of the process. It means that we are on the right path.

Rabbi Chatzkel Levenstien OBM compares spiritual growth to building a tower. The builder is always at risk of falling off. But even if that happens, the building he has built thus far is still standing. He just needs to climb back up and complete it!

May we all merit a year of joy, health and growth.

(Parshah idea heard from Rabbi Shimon Semp Click here to see his original short video)

(Special thanks to my friend Chaim Sonnenfeld for telling me Rav Chatzkel’s parable)

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